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    Top 10 Software Companies to Work for in Bangalore: 2023 Edition

    Top 10 Software Companies to Work for in Bangalore: 2023 Edition

    The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, continues to be a thriving hub for software companies, offering jobs in Bangalore for freshers and exciting opportunities to kickstart their careers.

    Table of Contents:

    1. IT: The Backbone of Bangalore
    2. Top 10 Software Companies to Work for

                2.1 Bitsila

               2.3 Infosys

               2.3 Oracle

               2.4 Mu Sigma

               2.5 SAP

               2.6 Thomson Reuters

               2.7 Sonata Software

               2.8 Netcracker Technology

               2.9 EdgeVerve

               2.10 Google

    1. Conclusion

    IT: The Backbone of Bangalore

    The IT hub in Bangalore makes the largest contribution, accounting for 34% to 40%, of India's total IT exports. (Codingninjas, 2023)

    As the demand for cutting-edge technology solutions grows, so too does the number of software companies in Bangalore. And the starting salary package can be quite attractive.

    The chart above depicts IT/Software annual salaries (INR) for both entry-level and experienced professionals. Picture Courtesy: upGrad

    From startups to Fortune 500s, these tech giants are all competing and creating jobs for freshers in Bangalore! These companies stand out as the best places to work in 2023.

    Top 10 Software Companies to Work for

    1. Bitsila

    Bitsila is at the forefront of OmniChannel Retailing to provide software jobs for freshers, supporting brands and merchants to engage customers across all channels. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Bitsila fosters a welcoming environment for all employees, promoting growth and innovation.

    2. Infosys

    Located in the heart of Bangalore, Infosys stands out as a true gem in India's IT landscape. With a rich heritage of excellence, Infosys offers software developer jobs for freshers. The organization's unwavering commitment to learning and growth provides an unmatched environment for tech enthusiasts, making it an ideal workplace to thrive in.

    3. Oracle

    Oracle, with its numerous offices and abundant job openings for freshers in Bangalore, stands as a dominant force in enterprise resource planning software. Becoming a part of Oracle entails joining an international team dedicated to pioneering technologies on the forefront.

    4. Mu Sigma

    Mu Sigma's emphasis on Data Science and Big Data Analytics sets it apart as an exceptional option for freshers. As a company that assists clients in enhancing data performance metrics, Mu Sigma provides a distinctive and fulfilling career trajectory.

    5. SAP

    S, a globally recognized German multinational, is renowned for its cutting-edge enterprise solutions. With a strong presence in Whitefield and other prime locations in Bangalore, SAP fosters an inclusive and supportive work environment that empowers its employees to thrive.

    6. Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters, a multinational company headquartered in Canada, offers a vast array of products, spanning from media to tax compliance software. With offices located in Bangalore, this esteemed organization provides a multitude of opportunities to engage in meaningful and impactful projects.

    7. Sonata Software

    Sonata Software empowers its customers with clear business intelligence and analytics. Having evolved from the IT division of Indian Organic Chemicals, the company offers software engineer jobs for freshers and a rich history, and a promising future.

    8. Netcracker Technology

    Netcracker Technology is a leader in operating support systems and network function visualization. Being a part of this team means making meaningful contributions to innovative networking solutions.

    9. EdgeVerve

    As a subsidiary of Infosys, EdgeVerve focuses on developing innovative software products. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company offers software engineering jobs for freshers with a diverse and collaborative work environment.

    10. Google

    No list of top IT companies is complete without Google, an American multinational synonymous with innovation. With a branch in Bangalore, and a good history of hiring freshers, Google provides software engineer jobs for freshers in Bangalore.


    There are jobs for graduates freshers to fulfill their careers in the software industry, and these top 10 companies may provide jobs for graduates freshers in Bangalore. Each organization provides Bangalore job vacancy for freshers with a unique work culture and cutting-edge projects to challenge and inspire tech enthusiasts.

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